Monthly Archives: November 2009

1.3.3 Released

Fixed a Force Close which was caused by artist names with URL unfriendly characters. I imagine this force close was experienced by quite a few users, so hopefully this patch should resolve the majority of issues people were having. Keep the bug reports comming. Thanks!

1.3.2 Released

A friend bought an HTC Tattoo and told me he couldn’t see my app in the market… I decided to make another quick release.

Tattoo has a smaller screen size which applications have to explicitly say they are ok with. More details here.

Alice should now show up on the Android Market for HTC Tattoo users and work correctly (hopefully)…

1.3.1 Released

Just a small fix for the background sync to include a Wake Lock so that the sync can completely finish when the phone is off.

1.3.0 Released

An important bug fix and UI tweak release.

  • Changed background service to AlarmManager so that background sync of events works when phone is off. Prior to this no-one would have been receiving event updates unless their phone happened to be on when it runs every 2 days.
  • Fixed a few potential Force Close issues.
  • Cancel of searches should now work.
  • Donate menu item added.
  • Events view defaults to nearby correctly now
  • Clicking notification behaves a little more intuitively now

Force Close?

A few users have reported force closes but I have been unable to replicate on the emulator or my Hero…

If you are getting force closes I would really appreciate some help tracking down the issue, either by letting me know the device and version of Android, and when the force close occurs, or if you really want to help and get your name on the special thanks list, grab me a log of the error ;)

I have an apk file with debugging turned on here

You would need to download the Android SDK.


> adb uninstall com.citc.alice

> adb install Alice.apk

> adb logcat

I’m happy to walk anyone through it if they have the time to help me out :)

Version 1.2.0 Released

G’day reddit
Thanks for the suggestions, support and interest!

The app is going pretty well so far. 600 900 downloads or so (about 50 every day).

This release is just a few bug fixes and minor UI tweaks.


  • Background event update service is more robust – will come back if killed because of low memory.
  • Event syncing now has a progress bar
  • Events ‘sort by new’ should work correctly now

Version 1.1.0 Released

Release Notes:

  • Fixed memory leak which caused force close
  • Fixed GPS location manager issue which used GPS rather than NETWORK for determining location (hopefully this fixes the issue some Droid uses reported about constant GPS usage)
  • Map now has My Location and Event Location Menu buttons
  • Presentation of Event Page changed
  • Disabled screen orientation so Dialogs don’t give SWOD (Sorry Window Of Death)… couldn’t figure out how to fix dialog orientation change related crashed :(
  • Biography shows a summary on the Artist screen + button to full bio
  • Able to search for events from artist screen
  • Changed status bar icons to be Alice specific