Monthly Archives: December 2009

1.5.2 Release Notes

  • Tweets have dates
  • Tweets work for LastFM events

1.5.1 Release Notes

Can Tweet events (on Twitter) now

1.5.0 Release Notes

  • You can now post events to your Facebook profile from the Event screen
  • Event screen layout changed

1.4.3 Released

It may have taken a few tries, but this release definitively fixes a force close on the Event screen. Some events do not have a start date (either coming from LastFM or BandsinTown). Their content is user generated after all. Alice was assuming that the start date would always be set – hence the bug. Thanks Maks for your help debugging this one!

If anyone else still has a force close, please send me a log with ‘SendLog’.

1.4.2 Released

Minor bug fix on Date Parsing – apparently SimpleDateFormat is not threadsafe.

Fixing Bugs with Some Help from Users

I just discovered an app which can be used to easily send developers (ie me) log files so that I can fix hard to reproduce bugs… it’s called ‘SendLog’ (just search in the market).

Then reproduce the bug and email me the log.

1.4.1 Released

A very minor patch to fix a bug I found.

  • Fixed a force close bug on the event screen
  • Cleaned up the event description when it is added to the calendar