1.4.0 Released

Release Notes:

  • Now you can add events to your calender by clicking the calendar button on the Event screen.
  • On first install, a series of dialogs (a sort of wizard) appears for importing artists from the SDCard and LastFM making it easier to get started.
  • Images added to BandsinTown events
  • About screen changed
  • Default view on artist watchlist changed from alphabetical to nearby.

6 responses to “1.4.0 Released

  1. When I click on event they show error

  2. Which artist/event gives you the error?
    And which phone and android version do you have?

  3. Motorhead, HTC hero, 2.73.411.17

  4. Thanks for that.

    I made another quick release but I’m not sure if it fixes the same bug you were getting.

    Let me know how you go.

  5. Great app! So glad I found it! Thanks!

    Just had one question/issue. I sync with an exchange server and would like to have the Add To Calendar put it on my Exchange cal instead of My Calendar. In my Calendar view options in the system if im not showing My Calendar the item will not get saved at all from Alice…

  6. Thanks for the suggestion Chad – will keep it in mind when I work on the next release – see if I can make it configurable…

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