1.6.1 Released

Release Notes:

  • I added an import threshold for LastFM, which looks at the playcount and determines if it is worth importing the artist. By default the playcount has to be more than 5 to import but you can change this under settings.
  • The sync mechanism is changed. Syncs are done using an inexact alarm now so that it will not wake the phone up unnecessarily. Also, syncs now occur every 5 days. There is still some issue with memory management which results in the process being killed every now and then. It’s not so easy to reduce the memory though so I think users are going to have to live with this, um, “feature” for now. The syncs should hopefully be a little more robust too, so that even if you restart your phone the next sync date will not be pushed back like it was previously. I didn’t do much testing though so let me know if you find an error.
  • I shortened Tweets because the URL link was being truncated.

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