2.2 Released

So I learnt a few things about Android:

  • Don’t expect threads to survive outside the lifespan of the activity that created them – use a service instead.
  • BroadcastReceivers will die after a while if you put long running processes in them.
  • The suggested fixes for the VerifyError bug on 1.5 related to mapping do not work.

Hopefully Alice is more stable now though I’m sure there are bugs lurking around the place.


5 responses to “2.2 Released

  1. I really like Alice, but I suspect it is eating my battery. Spare parts reports it as the number one partial wake application of all by far.

    I hate to uninstall it because I like it so much. :)

    Any ideas?

  2. Yeah – Alice has some problems… I’ll fix them at some point in the future. Currently I’m doing an upgrade for the Urban Dictionary application and working full time so not much free time :(

    Not sure if turning off syncing would help with the battery issues.

  3. Yep, just to chime in that I had heavy battery drain recently and tried everything to fix it and then I stumbled on the Spare Parts app which showed me that the Alice app was mainly responsible. I have had the sync turned off since I installed Alice, but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference as according to Spare Parts, the ‘partial wake usage’ of Alice is through the roof compared to everything else on my HTC Hero (1.5).

    This sucks because I really like your app Tim, it’s got a very simple design and purpose so I hope you don’t change that aspect, but this battery problem is indeed a big one.

    For now I’ll use SystemPanel app to kill it but I really hope you get some free time to tackle the problem.

  4. Same with me – my HTC-Desire NEVER fell asleep.
    I’m really sorry, but I had to uninstall your app today – now ‘Up-Time’ and ‘Awake-Time’ do differ for the first time!

    Hope you get some time to look at it.

  5. On the Motorolla Droid it turns on my GPS and leaves it on. I load it to look up events and use app killer to kill it otherwise my GPS is up and running constantly

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