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Alice is now Gigstar

I’ve been working on a total rewrite of Alice which I have renamed to Gigstar.

Just finishing testing this week and then I will release.

There will be no more posts here as the new site is on my blog here:

2.2 Released

So I learnt a few things about Android:

  • Don’t expect threads to survive outside the lifespan of the activity that created them – use a service instead.
  • BroadcastReceivers will die after a while if you put long running processes in them.
  • The suggested fixes for the VerifyError bug on 1.5 related to mapping do not work.

Hopefully Alice is more stable now though I’m sure there are bugs lurking around the place.

2.0.13 Released

This should fix the 1.5 Force Close issue caused by an Android OS bug. If it doesn’t, I give up!

Released 2.0.10

Still trying to fix all the 1.5 Force Close issues – unfortunately this release didn’t work *sigh*

I’ll have to crack out Google to try and solve this one when I get some free time.

Full description of problem here.

My theory is that the error is caused by this bug.

I use a BroadcastReceiver to start the event updating service onBoot.

If my theory is correct then turning off the event syncing under preferences might stop the FCs.

I’ll probably do another release sometime this week/weekend.

Released 2.0.7

A bunch of Android 1.5 users have been sending me Crash Reports with the new crash reporting functionality I built. It seems that every now and then the OS decides to throw a VerifyError on a class which contains GeoPoint in its signature. I’ve even had this happen on my Hero once, but I think its something that happens every now and then and is a timing related bug in Cupcake. I wasnt able to consisently reproduce or even discover the cause – instead I am just catching the VerifyError when the class is instantiated (some of the functionality related to location might not work when this happens but hopefully it wont force close at least).

Released 2.0.5

Using the new Crash Report functionality made it pretty easy to find a common problem – when a user specifies a non-existent LastFM username it was Force Closing. This is fixed in version 2.0.5.

Release 2.0.4

Lately I have had a number of Force Close reports and a couple of Stack Traces sent to me, but there seems to be some elusive issue (either related or not related to maps?!?) which I havent managed to resolve yet. To get to the bottom of these issues and to stabilise the app, I added the ability to sent an Error Report to me if the application Force Closes.

Hopefully this will allow me to discover a bunch of problems I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of, with little user effort.