2.0.1 Released

This release was a rewrite of the searching functionality. Previously the search was pretty basic and not so useful. Now you can search by location and search includes pagination plus you can select the source you want to search as well. To make a search, simply hit the Search key and select ‘Events’ (Artists search is unchanged). If you do not specify a location to search, it will default to your current location.

This release also includes a few UI tweaks and minor bug fixes.

The free version also has some limited YouTube integration, as a teaser for the Paid version of Alice.



For the Full (Paid) Version I added some YouTube integration (relies on having the YouTube app installed). You can long press an artist and hit ‘Watch YouTube Videos’.

1.6.5 Released

  • Added Ads (AdMob) and introduced an ad free version for 3.5 Euros. The donation model really doesn’t work so well ($20 total for a months worth of development – lucky I still have a day job).
  • Old events should be cleansed on a daily basis now.


  • Added instructions and FAQ to the About screen
  • Made it so that the application does not respawn when it is killed with a Task Manager
  • Fixed an issue where multi-day events would appear the day before they were meant to on the Add to Calendar functionality. (There was some problem making it an all day event so I just removed this flag as a work around).


  • Fixed bug on LastFM import
  • About screen formatting


Just a few minor bug fixes:

  • Sync has a delay of 15 min before it first occurs
  • Can dismiss the notifications by clicking on them (useful for when Android kills the process because it takes too much memory)

1.6.1 Released

Release Notes:

  • I added an import threshold for LastFM, which looks at the playcount and determines if it is worth importing the artist. By default the playcount has to be more than 5 to import but you can change this under settings.
  • The sync mechanism is changed. Syncs are done using an inexact alarm now so that it will not wake the phone up unnecessarily. Also, syncs now occur every 5 days. There is still some issue with memory management which results in the process being killed every now and then. It’s not so easy to reduce the memory though so I think users are going to have to live with this, um, “feature” for now. The syncs should hopefully be a little more robust too, so that even if you restart your phone the next sync date will not be pushed back like it was previously. I didn’t do much testing though so let me know if you find an error.
  • I shortened Tweets because the URL link was being truncated.